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Captain Bird’s-Eye

Posted by on Jun 1, 2017 in Blog

We don’t get many walk-ins here at White Water, but the one we had last month turned out to be one that created a memory for us all. Literally.  Stephan Zirwes and his two colleagues arrived and asked if they could see a room for all three of them, we showed them our largest unit the Manager’s Cottage and they asked if we could do them a special price if they took some drone footage of the farm… Three days later this is what they gave us, well, almost. I amended the music and added the text, and we are thrilled with the result. Many thanks, Stephan and the copterbrothers.com!

Winter is almost here and the calves have started arriving again, four already, three of which are almost identical with their brown and white markings.  One mother took a little encouragement with her calf, Rob and Mark (the vet) ended up having to “milk” her to give the baby its first feed and then we locked them up together in the crush for a couple of days to encourage the bonding…  Milking an Nguni is not as easy as it may sound, as Mark always says when dealing with our cows “welcome to the wild west”, this African breed is not the tamest of farm animals!

A bonus of winter is being able to light the fire and open some red wine in the early evening, and as we have now installed new log burners in the Dairy Suites, all our accommodation, except the Dairy Room, now have real fires.

Things are quieter now and Rob and I are soon heading off on our annual holiday to get some r&r before facing next season!  Let’s hope this rainbow promises plenty of rain for our winter to fill up the dams of the Western Cape that are so in need of water…