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Here comes the (first) bride!

Posted by on Oct 18, 2015 in Blog

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything, I have been waiting for the right time and trying to find time!  The weeks are flying by and we are making good progress with the renovations.  We have most of the rooms almost finished, just a few snags, and have opened for guests.

Our pride and joy this past week has to be the completion of the gatehouse/honeymoon cottage.  Rob had the idea of making a four poster bed from blue gum trees that had been cut down on the farm, I think it turned out well.  We are just waiting for a finishing touch of a mosquito net to hang over it.  We had our first bride stay this weekend, the brave girl came to the farm back in winter when the cottage was a building site but she believed in our vision and took a chance.  She got married on another local farm and wanted somewhere to spend the day getting ready with her bridesmaids and then to stay with her new husband after the wedding. Thankfully she was happy with the result..

As you can see from the pics below of lunching outside, Spring is definitely here at White Water, we’re starting to have some lovely weather.  We enjoyed hosting a friend’s 40th birthday weekend celebration with 16 guests and 22 for lunch, was a new concept when we didn’t stay up to the bitter end of the party as we had to be up in the morning to make and serve breakfast for everyone.  Then just a few days later had a lamb on the spit for my birthday which happily falls on a public holiday here, was great to see our new local Stanfordian friends mixing with our Capetonian ones.

All the oak trees are back to their full green best and the days are longer again, thank goodness!  The horses continue to thrive here and are doing a great job of eating down all the long grass, the paddocks are beginning to look much better.  Still waiting for another foal, Beulah the mare is absolutely enormous poor thing, I’m worried she may give birth to elephant!

The re-painting of the farm is almost complete, six of our seven buildings are now painted white, Nicholas our very hard working painter is working pretty much seven days a week, and we keep throwing more at him, “sorry Nick this dressing table needs painting white” or at 5pm on a Friday “sorry Nick I think we should paint the stoep before the bride arrives tomorrow”.. I will post more pics in next post of the whole farm when the last building, the shed and workshop, is done.  Also the odd shaped swimming pool has been completely re-lined, re-tiled and has a new larger patio surrounding it.. Now need to find sun loungers…. Keep watching!

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