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Wet Wet Wet at White Water Farm!

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in Blog

I’ve finally got around to starting a blog on this whole project.. Several people mentioned it so thought I would give it a go.. Rob says I won’t have time but would like to try, who knows maybe I’ll get a book deal!.. We have been on the farm now almost three months and finally got transfer two weeks ago.

Title of first blog is sadly not the 80’s band doing a revival concert here on the farm but am referring to the weather..  I said before we actually moved out here that I thought Stanford was possibly the Scotland of the Western Cape, the mountains in particular remind me of Scotland.. The weather also when we’d visited previously had been reminiscent.  Then we moved and the has been so great for Autumn in this part of the world, sunny and warm during the day and cooler in the evenings. We had heavy rain a couple of weeks ago and the river rose so much that the bridge to get onto the farm was covered and we couldn’t cross for a couple of days, thankfully there is another back road out to Stanford.  Expect this will happen again.

We have started with the renovations, painting of the entire place from a yucky peachy/beige colour to simple farm white.  Builders are in knocking down a wall in what will be the honeymoon suite and Rob and Martin (local guy working with us) have been mending fences and building a chicken run.  They will be the next animals to join us.  Already have a small heard of Nguni cattle which we bought from a neighbour, one of which is now only a week old and causing drama already as he got separated from his mother on a reed island in the river and we had to help her find him.  African Horse Company has brought six horses and two foals to join us too, also drama with one of them last night as Nonna (pregnant chestnut mare) got stuck in the river.  We managed to coax her out but she was so exhausted and in shock she took a while to recover, this involved her falling down while trying to climb the back and staying down, labouring slow breathing until Rob and I thought she was going to die.  Thankfully she did eventually get up, we were so relieved.   Lesson from these stories is we probably need fencing in the field by the river.

We have rented out the two bedroom cottage on a short lease for a couple of months while we are renovating the farm, Peter the retired surveyor looking for refuge while he does a computer course moved in this week.  We renamed it from Fish Eagle to Mountain View (moving away from rooms named after birds!), painted it inside and out and furnished it. Pics attached.

That’ll do for now, catch you later..

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  1. M4S
    June 24, 2015

    Awesome guys! looks great and wow up and running to be great farm hands!

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